Woman Desperate to Have Baby Used IVF to Conceive, Then After a Natural Pregnancy She Aborted


Woman Desperate to Have Baby Used IVF to Conceive, Then After a Natural Pregnancy She Aborted.

This is just so difficult for me to comprehend.  First of all…Snickers Bars and Babies: not the same!  I wonder how you explain to your children later that you killed their brother or sister, because you had enough of those kids and were over it!  What??? SMH!!!  No…Actually…PMHO!!! (Pull my hair out!!!).
Hannah says, “When you’re in the zone of infertility and you really want a baby, it is a physical thing, in large part. That was gone at this point. I had all these children and I was no longer in that zone of needing or wanting more children.”
This is unbelievably selfish! I know we can all be selfish at times, but when it comes to making decisions about the life of our children, I would like to believe that most of us would not say that aborting our child was like refusing a snickers after you’ve already had three. Having children is not about you and your wants, it’s about them and you growing into the person you are meant to become, by truly choosing the good of another above yourself!!!I pray for the women in this world that have become so callous.  Christ told the women not to weep for him, but to weep for themselves and their children, because there will come a day “when they will say, ‘Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bore, and the breasts that never nursed.’ Yes, I have heard these words. What was it He said next….”Then they will say to the mountains, ‘fall on us, and to the hills, cover us up.'”

Truly, I pray for God to have mercy on us all!


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