One Voice for Jesus Ministries is a Catholic/Christian Ministry. The ONE VOICE is the voice of The Whole Church, In Unity, throughout the world, and it is our belief that by God’s grace this unity will be achieved.  By the death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ we have been given the gift of salvation and must share this gift of God with the world (Mark 16:19 & 20).  Through the intercession of the Saints in union with Our Blessed Mother, this Unity will be achieved “on Earth as it is in Heaven” (Matthew 6:10). Our mission is to share the gospel message with the world through Social Media Evangelization & Outreach (i.e. IG, Facebook etc.), Music, Apologetics, Volunteer Youth and Adult Catechesis (LifeTeen, RCIA, etc.), and outreach to the poor and local Community. On this site you will find articles on Catholic faith, living out the  faith, catechesis, apologetics, liturgy, theology, philosophy, and more.  I pray that through our ministry we may shed some light where there’s misunderstanding of what the Church teaches and the message of Jesus Christ. God be with you!

Thank you!

In Christ,

Latrell Castanon

Founder & President

If you have Mission Opportunities or are a Youth organization looking for opportunities for your young people, please contact us at 806-281-2423 or email at

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  1. + Please consider linking to my series entitled “Catholic Action, Faithful Citizenship.” It is being carried at the website for the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy ( and is hosted at the website for Light and Heat Ministries ( in His Peace, through Justice based on Truth, by way of Sincere and Sacrificial Love, Dcn.Joe Gorini <


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