This Year’s Must See Film EWTN’s ‘A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing’

With the election coming up and a renewed sense of the critical importance of voting, there comes a need for ALL Christians to no longer be on the fence about what it means to follow Christ and His teaching. If you are not aware of the stakes of this election, then you are definitively in the dark. i.e. have your head in the sand! There is an urgent need for Christians to be aware of the cultural and social changes that have occurred in the politics of America, and the “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”, that has been preying on America, from very early in our Country’s history. Many people are very unaware of the socialist agenda that had plagued us for years and years, and has slowly changed the minds, I mean DARKENED the minds, of American’s. Please take the time to watch the documentary on EWTN or read information, articles, or the like, on Saul Alinsky. This man is a mentor for our current leadership and his ways are directly linked to the class warfare and pitting of groups against each other in order to increase a socialist agenda. If this sounds familiar, it should. God bless!

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