The Philosophy of Tolkien


“The polls revealed one important thing about The Lord of the Rings: that it is a classic, that is, a book loved by humanity, human nature, wherever it is found. And they revealed one important thing about the critics: that humanity isn’t found in that arrogant oligarchy of utterly out-of-touch elitists. And they revealed one important thing about our culture, the same thing revealed by many polls that ask questions about values and about philosophy: that our culture is not egalitarian at all, in fact, that it is perhaps the least egalitarian culture in the history of the world. For in what other culture has the worldview and life view of the teachers differed so radically from that of the students? Every human soul craves “the good, the true, and the beautiful” absolutely and without limit.”
Proof of God is in this Truth of the human person. That the “soul craves  “the good, the true, the beautiful”.  That we were created for oneness with God. We are drawn to Perfection. But we must learn that we cannot find this perfection in ourselves. Our ultimate goal is God. In order to become one with Him. We must become one with one another. We must Love others as we Love ourselves. This is Perfection. That is to LOVE.

In the Love of Christ,

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