Tolkien and Symbolism

The beauty & deep Catholic symbolism is awesome inspiring!!! The way Tolkien uses the language/character names to point to biblical meaning is genius!

Talking About Tolkien

“For the religious element is absorbed into the story and the symbolism. (…) For
as a matter of fact, I have consciously planned very little; and should chiefly be
grateful for having been brought up (since I was eight) in a Faith that has
nourished me and taught me all the little that I know.”

-J.R.R. Tolkien

So, in case you are one of those people who refuses to believe Lord of the Rings is symbolic of Christian beliefs, here is a quote from the man himself stating that it is. You’re welcome.

Don’t believe me? Fine. You can sit there and be angry about it, or you can go search it for yourself and see if I am speaking the truth. Your choice.

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