God is LOVE.  this is not  to mean that God is full of LOVE, but that He is fundamentally Love at His Core. Evil is the absence of Love, or the absence of GOD.  LOOKING at the Core of what Christ taught, we see that He wanted us to understand that the Law is fulfilled by LOVE.  “Love the Lord thy God with all your heart,  all of your soul,  and all of your mind” and “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Souls who love God do not serve him because He demands their obedience like an irrational parent; souls who love God, love Him, IN LOVE FOR THE SAKE OF LOVE, and, through His grace, THEY become LOVE.  Therefore, without loving God, it’s impossible to love ourselves with anything more than narcissism or our neighbor with anything more than Lust (or greed or covetousness).  Through our eyes it is “foolish” to love the way Christ describes,  but we are to Love as Christ,  not as the world does. With Humility, and forgiveness.  Sometimes that means especially those who don’t “deserve” it.  Evil in the world can only be conquered by sacrificial Love.
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In the Love of Christ,

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